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Composite Fibreglass International’s composite materials are the go-to choice for all types of applications and watercraft across the marine industry. The marine environment exposes all types of watercraft, submersibles, offshore structures, and other marine structural applications to continuous environmental challenges. The marine sector requires materials that are anti-corrosive and deliver maintenance-free performance for long periods of time. Additionally, watercraft require the lightweight, non-corrosive properties of composites to accommodate design expectations and perform with speed and unwavering reliability.

Over the years, thermoset composites were consistently advanced to meet the dynamic demands of marine applications whilst still being applicable to the more traditional applications including gratings, shafts, ducts, piping and hull shells. Today, thermoset composites serve all areas of the marine sector.

The science of materials and composite technology are developing at a rapid pace, and new formulations will address the ever-growing concern for top-quality performance. Lightness, ease of production, durability, and strength enable composites to play an essential and ongoing role in marine applications. As the marine sector strives to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs, composite materials will continue to be an integral factor in marine performance.

First used following the second world war, marine composite materials have been prominently introduced into this wide-ranging industry. The early use of composites in maritime crafts was driven by the need for lightweight, robust, corrosion-resistant, and durable components on naval boats. Initial applications were created to find solutions to corrosion problems connected to steel, aluminium, and wood. Weight reduction was, and remains, an essential consideration, particularly for topside weight found in commercial vessels.

Water is corrosive and sea water is especially harmful to watercraft and structures. These challenges offer an opportunity for composites to resist fatigue and corrosion in marine components. Maintenance requirements can be greatly decreased with the use of thermoset composites in components, particularly in connector components and fixings exposed to seawater.

The marine industry encompasses all types of vessels. It also includes valves and other subsea structures which require materials that can withstand the ever-changing environmental impacts of the marine environment. Specific properties make Composite Fibreglass International’s composite materials the perfect choice for this challenging environment. We have a focus on providing the most exceptional products to a variety of market segments. 

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