Core Materials


We are an exclusive supplier of Armacell Cores – the worlds leading core manufacturer in PET structural cores.

Available in 50kg – 320kg, Armacell’s patented process technology produces the lowest emissions of CO2 and is type-approved by DNV/GL. Whether it be the marine, transport, or renewable energy industry, these cores fit all requirements.

We also carry a range of core types such as PVC cores in densities of 45kg – 200kg in varying finish requirements such as Honeycomb PPE cores and Urethane cores.

We also supply Spheretext GbmH – Spheretex GmbH in Neuss is a medium-sized enterprise that has been committed to develop and produce laminatable core materials for various kinds of composite applications for 30 years.

The focus is on materials that are easy to use and thus ensure efficient processing of light and durable FRP parts.

The company was named after its very first innovative material development: Sphere.tex. Today Spheretex stands for a large number of worldwide leading high tech composites – Made in Germany.