At Composites Fibreglass International, our team is across all manners of process technologies for composite fabrication, we are committed to supporting and educating our customers to allow them to go to the next level.

Our team is experienced in many forms of processing and techniques that enable you to manufacture quality and innovative products.

We strive to keep ahead of technology and changes to materials, processing techniques and equipment, helping to pass our thorough knowledge and experience onto you and your team.

If we are not familiar with your process, our key suppliers will have the answers you need. Our suppliers are also there to assist with specific experience and knowledge.

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you and support your processing needs.

Process Technologies

Open Moulding
  • Hand Lamination
  • Spray Layup
  • Sheaving
  • Filament Winding
  • Solid Surface
  • Casting Systems
Closed Moulding
  • Vacuum Bagging Infusion
  • Pre-Preg Lamination
  • Re-usable Bagging
  • LRTM
  • Classic RTM
  • High-Pressure RTM
  • Compression Moulding
  • Auto Clave
  • Matched Moulding
  • Pultrusion
Specialty Processing
  • Cure in Pipe Situ
  • Continuous Lamination
  • Mould Tooling
  • Plug Making and Master Patterns
  • Mould Calibration
  • Repair and Rejuvenation Process

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