Fibres & Reinforcement


Our range of fibre and reinforcements have you covered!

Our Protech range of multiaxial is available in biax, double bias, triaxial, quadaxial and uni-direction orientations. We offer cut lengths and tapes services.

All of our multiaxial fabrics have tracers and salvage edges where applicable. Our range is type approved by DNV/GL and we can manufacture custom runs.

We also stock an extensive range of carbon fibre fabrics and uni-direction tapes. We carry specialty weave styles and can manufacture custom runs.

We carry a range of woven E glass cloths in plain weave and stain harness types.

We offer special types of cloths, weaves and fabrics such as Aramids, S and R glass are also available on demand.

Further to our range are our flow mats for close moulding and our CSM mats, gun rovings and continuous.

If there is a glass type you require, then why not call us and see how we can assist you in your requirements.