Civil & Infrastructure

Where building codes and regulations are a must to ensure compliance, we understand you need to comply.

At Composites Fibreglass International, we start off by listening to you to learn what the key requirements are for your product and how they need to fit into the required building codes and regulations firstly.

Once we understand this, we can then direct you to our specific set of products in resins, fibres and cores if required to allow you to fabricate your required structure. If your work requires greater testing or development, we can again support you with industry experts or test facilities etc.

We have been involved in many projects locally and globally and our suppliers have a vast experience in this area, so talk to us and see how we can assist you in your next project.

We carry specialized FST types of resins matched to regulation and code types along with fibres and FST grade cores engineered to standards applicable. Need help on Application? Composites Fibreglass International have you covered. We can match the right process to your build along with the ancillary requirements needed.

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