Defence and Ballistics

By Composites Fiberglass International/ May 3, 2022

Composite Fibreglass International Supply Materials with Defence & Ballistics

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Composites Fibreglass International and our suppliers can support projects for Defence & Ballistics with approved raw material supply lines.

Composites Fibreglass International and our specialty suppliers can support projects for Defence and military with approved raw material supply lines. Over many years our experts have worked on various projects for defence, introducing composites to fabricate products and parts to overcome issues such as weight. durability and strength. Key benefits composites offer are the ability to enhance stealth values, nonmagnetic, low heat signature, low sound resistance, freedom of shape and self-supporting over large spans versus lightweight. Composites Fibreglass International have the right processes and products to assist you to engineer with confidence for your application and product. We treat these projects and your information with the utmost confidentiality.

Composites Fibreglass International Fabric Development with Defence & Ballistics.

Many defence applications rely on distinctive properties delivered by distributors such as Composites Fibreglass International. We supply composites and manufacture materials that support defence applications. For many years Composites Fibreglass International have worked with a range of clients, providing materials for armoured vehicles, military aircraft and submarines. 

Fabric Development

Defence and Ballistics applications often require expert authority in considerations. Composites Fibreglass International has extensive experience in developing bespoke woven and non-woven fabrics and will work together with you in order to design the ideal solution to suit your requirements. Our range of composite materials including Dyneema, Glass, Carbon Fabrics and Kevlar are the best quality reinforcements that work perfectly when applied to defence and ballistics projects.

Multiaxial Fabric

Composites Fibreglass International has developed a standard range of reinforcements, we stock a comprehensive selection of multiaxial fabrics which are ideal for heavyweight components, where the high weight of the fabrics, together with the ability to orient the fibres at different angles, enables fewer layers to be used. Composites Fibreglass International stocks a range of high quality multiaxial fabrics in materials such as carb and glass, in a variety of configurations and weights.

Kit Cutting 

Composites Fibreglass International supplies some of the world’s leading Ballistics protection companies and produces high quality composite kit cutting services for ballistics grade fibres like Kevlar and Dyneema. These composite materials can be cut in pregreg form and layered up; giving the opportunity to cut ballistic grade Kevlar layered up to 25mm thick. Kit cut composites provide a number of benefits including savings on cost and labour time, optimal material usage and consistent quality.

Ballistic Performance of Composite Materials

The ability of a material to offer a useful contribution to an impact event varies on the hardness of the materials. This is integral for blunting a projectile, and the strain to failure which determines the ability of that material to absorb energy via a global deformation process. This involves either brittle cracking in the case of composites or ceramics, or plastic deformation in the case of various metals.
Composite materials rely primarily on brittle microfracture events to absorb energy. This means that the ultimate energy absorption is largely maintained by the strain to failure of the fibres. Once the fibres have ruptured the armour collapses and no more energy is absorbed. Composites based on high strength, high elongation to failure thermoplastic fibres might be expected to absorb energy via plastic deformation and drawing of the fibres. This process can happen in dry un-impregnated fibres arranged in a textile form. However, the ability of the fibre to deform in this way is severely limited in a composite and energy absorption can be a let down.

Composites Fibreglass International range of fibre and reinforcements have their customers covered.

Composites Fibreglass International Protech range of multiaxial is available in biax, double bias, triaxial, quadaxial and uni-direction orientations. We offer cut lengths and tapes services. CFI multiaxial fabrics have tracers and salvage edges where applicable. Composites Fibreglass International range is type approved by DNV/GL and we can manufacture custom runs. We also stock an extensive range of carbon fibre fabrics and uni-direction tapes. We carry specialty weave styles and can manufacture custom runs. We carry a range of woven E glass cloths in plain weave and stain harness types. We offer special types of cloths, weaves and fabrics such as Aramids, S and R glass are also available on demand. Further to our range are our flow mats for close moulding and our CSM mats, gun rovings and continuous. If there is a glass type you require, then why not call us and see how we can assist you in your requirements.

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Composites Fibreglass International is a privately owned and operated company, we source our raw materials globally through our network of trusted and prestigious suppliers to bring specialised products and the latest technologies to our customers. Composite Fibreglass International have been operating in the Asia region and with global suppliers for over 50 years. We have a strong network of professional minded people who are as devoted to the composites market as we are. Call us here or contact us today to mind out more information about composite materials on defence and ballistics.


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