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Composite Materials in the Surf Industry

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Composite materials have been used in many applications in the manufacturing of surf and rescue craft, paddles and skis in the surf industry.

Ideal for the manufacturing of parts requiring high strength and low weight, composite materials have been formulated into composite fibreglass and carbon-fibre composites. These are used in a variety of surf applications including automotive components and high-performance sports equipment, including surf crafts, paddles and rescue boards.

Composite materials in surf crafts have been formulated to address the surfing industry’s need to reduce the release of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere and are rapidly gaining acceptance for surf craft construction on the international market.

Composites also provide rapid room-temperature cure for lamination, are preferred for being UV stable and curing to a clear, bloom-free finish resulting in being the epoxy of choice by leading rescue board and surf-craft manufacturers around the world.

Here at Composite Fibreglass International, we provide the best quality core materials for your products and projects in the surf industry.


Why use Composite Materials In the Surf Industry?

Using composite materials in the surf industry is increasing in popularity because of the lightweight, strong properties in composite materials such as carbon fibre. What’s even more imposing is that FRP composites can be recycled and crafted into an entirely new form.


Eco-Friendly Surf-Craft

With sustainability in mind, manufacturers knew they needed a way to create eco-friendly surf-craft and rescue boards. After seeing a Boeing aircraft, manufacturers became aware of the carbon fibre parts from aeroplanes and vehicles that end up in landfills. Eventually, they decided to take some of this waste and turn it into something useful.

Carbon fibre can be cut up and milled for use in a wide range of projects and applications. Tissue forms and reclaimed fibres are fairly easy to recycle and can be crafted into paddles and rescue boards.

Chopped carbon fibre is used in a higher mixing ratio, milled carbon fibre is added to the resin to toughen it up, and reclaimed carbon fibre is absorbed in specific spots to strengthen the piece. With this method, there is no composite material waste left behind.

One of the biggest concerns with surf craft is the overall stiffness. So, manufacturers have come up with a specific weave pattern that works best with their supplies. The surf craft and rescue boards are shaped, woven to the right density and treated, resulting in the world’s first recycled carbon fibre surf craft that is lightweight and strong enough to hit the waves.


FRP Composite in the Surf Industry

The benefits of using FRP composites to generate more surf industry products. Both fibreglass and carbon fibre can be used to manufacture strong, lightweight, impact-resistant products for athletic purposes.

Conventional materials like wood and aluminium are at risk of various forms of damage. Due to the pultrusion process, surf craft products made from fibreglass or carbon fibre are both flexible and long-lasting. For instance, wood can mould, deform, and even rot when it is exposed to the elements such as heat and moisture. Something as simple as sun exposure can destroy a wooden piece of surf craft equipment.

FRP composites are non-reactive materials that don’t need any secondary chemical coating. Wood, for example, requires a special coating to make the surf craft product more water-resistant. However, such chemicals are toxic to the environment and materials as they can leach into the groundwater once the surf craft product is thrown away after years of usage.


Armacell Products In The Surf Industry

Armacell are the inventors of flexible foam for equipment like insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams. Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for their clients. Armacell’s products used for surf craft contribute to global energy efficiency making a difference around the world every day. Armacell focuses on insulation materials for high-performance foams, contributing to high-tech and lightweight applications, technical equipment and next generation aerogel blanket technology.

Armacell understands specific processes required to build this type of product, assisting you with close mould products and ancillaries to support your process. 


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