At Composites Fibreglass International, we understand the importance of a quality range of gelcoats, pool coats, filler coats and speciality formulated pigments built purely for the pool and spa markets of Australia.

Our pool refurbishment market is a key area for our products and here we have developed products for our applications to provide them with the best outcome in chemical resistance, UV stability and application and finish. We take pride in working with our refurbishment applicators and we are consistently listing to their feedback so we can ensure the products we supply can perform as intended are user friendly.

There are three main materials commonly used to create pools and spas in Australia. The most popular types of pool are:

– Fibreglass pools
– Concrete pools
– Vinyl-liner pools

Vinyl-liner swimming pools are less common than the other two, as it is often a far less durable material which doesn’t stand the test of time. As your pool is a major investment, it needs to be built to last. Fibreglass and concrete swimming pools both have the advantages of strength and durability – but they have varying drawbacks and benefits from one another.

Benefits of Fibreglass Pools

  • The smooth gel coat surface is resistant to algae and bacteria, so the pool is far more easier to clean and requires fewer harsh chemicals to keep it hygienic and safe. This assists in cutting down cleaning time and provides an overall safer and hygienic swimming environment to enjoy.
  • They take little to no time to install. One great thing about fibreglass pools is that most of the work is completed in the factory before your pool arrives on your site. A standard fibreglass pool installation can typically be completed in a week or two.
  • Fibreglass pools have a couple of advantages when it comes to comfort. They tend to warm the pool water in less time, and the water remains at a warmer temperature for longer periods of time, creating a more pleasant swimming environment especially in the cooler climates and months of the year.
  • Additionally, fibreglass pools have an attractive smooth gel coat surface which does not require pebbling or tiling. This means the surface isn’t rough underfoot, so there is much less risk of swimmers grazing or cutting their skin on the pool floor. This is an important consideration if your pool will be used by children as fibreglass pools will provide a much safer environment to enjoy with the whole family.
  • Fibreglass pools are pre-made in factories. They are designed to be efficient, off-the-shelf solutions rather than custom-made projects built on-site, so they come in a range of shapes and sizes for you to take your pick from.
  • Fibreglass is an incredibly durable building material. These days, most fibreglass pool manufacturers create a reliable product and produce lengthy warranties to reinforce them. Fibreglass is a super-tough material which means that quality-manufactured fibreglass pools get the benefit of being both flexible and strong at the same time. The well-made fibreglass pools can last at least 50 years, with less maintenance required to keep it safe and enjoyable year upon year.
  • In modern times, the range of fibreglass pools that is available is extensive, and the customer has some control over the appearance of the pool, such as being able to choose the colour and include optional extras for customisation. Overall, it is a relatively easy process to find a fibreglass pool that fits well in your yard and suits your tastes.

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