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By Composites Fiberglass International/ Oct 19, 2022


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Composites Fibreglass International offer customers a complete range of products from the leading European supplier Diatex.

The extensive range of vacuum consumables and equipment from Composites Fibreglass International allows us to offer our customers a complete range of products from the leading European supplier Diatex.


Our range is extensive and covers all areas of close moulding from vacuum bagging to autoclaving. There is a product and level to suit all users.

Our range covers vacuum bags, tacky tapes, peel plys, release films, spiral hoses, inlet lines and connections to pumps, manifolds and catch pots. We can tailor our items to the exact requirements of your project to ensure better results are achieved.

Diatex | The Company

Composite Division


The Composite division offers all products and ancillaries related to vacuum processing technology for Composites Materials via manufacturing techniques such as vacuum moulding, vacuum infusion, RTM and RTM Light.



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Supplying Composite Materials

The Composites division of DIATEX offers consumables and equipment for the following 4 processing systems: Vacuum Moulding of Composites, Vacuum Infusion of Composites, RTM Injection (resin transfer molding) and Light RTM Injection.


Multilayer Systems for Vacuum Infusion


Diatex offers two ranges of multilayer systems for vacuum infusion : INFUPLEX (2 layers) and INFUPEEL (3 layers).

INFUPLEX and INFUPEEL are multilayer systems used in manufacturing processes for vacuum infusion of composite materials. Products include:





Vacuum infusion multilayer systems

INFUPLEX® are multilayer systems found in manufacturing processes for vacuum infusion of composite materials. The systems combine two vacuum consumables into a two-layer unit (a performed film and a net bleeder on top). There are 7 INFUPLEX® versions with 7 different infusion medias.

INFUPLEX® is also a very simple solution to lay up the bagging materials.


Infusion Medias


In order to meet an increasing demand for high temperature vacuum infusion solutions, Diatex has developed a specific range of infusion medias withstanding temperature up to 200°C. Based on polyamide, these net bleeders are heat-setted for the purpose of avoiding the rolling up of the flanges.



Vacuum Infusion Ancillaries


CFI’s range of products from Diatex is home to a number of fittings, valves, adapters and consumable hoses for vacuum infusion. This range of fittings and valves is available in several diameters to cover all needs, and ranges across products such as plugs, vacuum channel and infusion line, plugs and connectors, as well as assembly adhesive spray.

Products within this range include Infusion Plugs Eco, Spiral Plugs Eco, SPIRALPLEX, Plugs and Connectors, Spiral Tubing, MEGATAC, DIADRAIN PA80, Infusion Plugs, Spiral Plugs, DIADRAIN, DIABREAKER and Spiral MP.


Multilayer Systems for Vacuum Moulding


Diatex has designed a specific range of bagging materials for pre-pregs and hand lay-up composite materials with vacuum polymerization. The success of Diatex is based on the manufacturing of innovative products, such as Vacuopeel, Vacuoplex and Vacuolease. The purpose of these products are to facilitate the application of environmental products by users during drape moulding operations.


Bagging Films


CFI is home to Diatex’s wide range of bagging films for vacuum moulding and vacuum infusion.

PA205 HF is a carved bagging film for the vacuum moulding of composite parts. Its 3D structure provides a suitable vacuum compacting and allows to take out the bleeder for compaction or vacuum moulding combined to the Microporous peel ply. PA205 HF is an environmentally friendly bagging film as it enables using less peripheral device.


Copolymer Films

Bagging films advantages expected by professionals in the composite industries:

  • Flexibility
  • Mechanical and temperature resistance
  • Airtight


Polyamide Films

Used in high temperature applications, polyamide films offer great mechanical strength and are compatible with autoclave processes.


Technical Films

Diatex offers a range of very high elongation films to save time during vacuum moulding processes, as well as very high temperature-resistant films.


Release Films


Diatex offers a range of perforated and non perforated release films for high temperature applications that are available through Composite Fibreglass International. Polyolefin films release with the majority of resins. Fluoropolymer films release with all types of resins.


Peel Piles


Diatex developed a complete range of peel plies: from 50 to 185 gr/m², dyed or undyed, with stripes, polyamide or polyester, bands or full width.

PA85 is the standard quality, taffetas weave, white with stripes. These fabrics are used to impart a textured surface to the moulded component to improve adhesion in secondary painting or bonding. Diatex have the ability to manufacture custom peel ply with specific characteristics for all clients.

All of Diatex’s peel plies are treated in order to avoid bringing any pollutant (such as silicones) into the finished product. They use processes that allow for the control of the products’ porosity to guarantee the repetitiveness of the infusion process.

To respond to the requirements of the EN9100 standard, Diatex secure client’s productions with their unique automatic FOD (foreign object debris) tracking system. Diatex inspects all of its technical peel plies made for composite structural bonding with this new machine. Using AI (artificial intelligence), they have the ability to scan fabric, detect and classify FODs. A full report of this scan (cartography) including pictures of accepted and non-accepted FODs is also available to clients once this process is complete.



Release Agents


Diatex holds a long-standing partnership with Chem-Trend

Minimising the environmental impact of Chem-Trend’s products has been a priority from the beginning. Notably the use of VOCs in solvent-based mould release agents. Today, Chem-Trend is the industry pioneer in the development of innovative solutions.

With the Zyvax® product range, manufacturers of moulds for composite materials for the aerospace industry benefit from advanced technology, incredibly simple application, outstanding quality, process efficiency and value for money.

Many Zyvax® products are water-based, thus complying with environmental and legal requirements. Zyvax® has been exclusively distributed by Diatex since 1994 and is the most powerful range of water-based release agents on the market.


Aerospace Release Agents


This aeronautical range includes semi-permanent liquid release agents, developed on an aqueous basis.

This range offers a new generation of high performance products for treatment and maintenance of moulds in autoclave and oven polymerisation applications. These products are solvent and alcohol-free, 100% water-based and the quality of Diatex’s controls guarantees effective and eco-friendly release agents.

Diatex | ZYVAX® exclusive distributor for aeronautics in Europe.

  • AIRBUS aeronautical approvals (IPS 12-02-002-01) and (IPS 12-02-002-03)
  • BOEING aeronautical approvals
  • AQMD approvals


Water-Based, Solvent-free.

  • Versatile products suitable for most resins
  • Easy to use
  • Very good thermal stability
  • No mould clogging
  • Respect for the environment


FLEX-Z® Range

ZYVAX ™ offers a range of semi-permanent release agents that adapt to your needs: FLEX Z ™.

FLEX Z ™ is the perfect answer to the problems of self-release in infusion and RTM. FLEX Z ™ is a liquid resin which enables the ability to obtain the level of mould release required on an entire mould or only on targeted areas.


Thermoshrinkable Fabrics and Films


Diatex provides thermoshrinkable peel plies and thermoshrinkable films in full width or bands. Used for hot drying and compacting of the laminate.


Reusable Silicone Membranes


Diatex provides a complete range of reusable membranes for infusion, de-bulking and vacuum moulding in autoclaves or ovens. This range is composed of RTV silicone spray, vulcanised or raw HTV silicone rubber and roles. Increase your productivity with reusable tools to save time and compaction work.


Release Interfaces


Diatex provides a range of PTFE & Silicone release interfaces used in vacuum moulding and vacuum infusion processes.

Porous or non-porous PTFE coated glass fabrics, adhesive (silicone and acrylic) or non adhesive, bands or full width, special PTFE products (seal, bands, treatment…) as well as PTFE coated woven fibreglass fabric release interfaces.

Diatex also offers siliconed papers as very environmentally friendly and economical release interfaces.

  • Siliconed release papers – Siliconed papers are considered as very economical and environmentally friendly release interfaces. Diatex’s range of siliconed papers offer a very fast implementation and a suitable release interface solution with all resin systems.


Sealant Tapes


DIATEX provides preformed sealants for the production of flexible seals. Sealant tapes are used to form a seal between the vacuum bagging film and the mould tool surface.

These sealant tapes are easy to implement and remove without leaving residue. Compatible with most vacuum films and resins, Diatex’s range of sealant tapes have very good chemical resistance.


Flash Tapes


CFI supplies Diatex’s range of adhesive tapes for protection, connection, masking and jointing with very good mechanical and chemical characteristics.


RTM Ancillaries


Discover Diatex’s range of RTM ancillaries:

  • Inserts for laminating and screwing
  • Plugs
  • Calibration
  • Closing systems for RTM moulds
  • Catchpots
  • Ancillaries for RTM moulds
  • IMPS
  • Mould seals.



Vacuum Equipment


By developing a specific range for the composite industry in close collaboration with its partner MIL’S, Diatex offers a complete range of vacuum pumps and vacuum plants with different vacuum levels suitable for vacuum applications.

Diatex also offers measuring devices to control pressure, leaks and. temperature.


Silicone Spraying Equipment and Ancillaries


Diatex offers a range of high quality silicone spraying machines drawing on the expertise of their market leader partner in RTM and infusion technology. Composites Fibreglass International are a proud supplier of this range.

Diatex provides a complete range of reusable membranes for infusion, de-bulking and vacuum moulding in ovens or autoclaves. These products increase your productivity with reusable tools to save time and compaction work.

Discover Diatex’s range of spraying equipment and equipment & mould ancillaries for RTV and HTV processes. Contact us to find out more today.


Pipes and Hoses


Discover the range of pipes and hoses from Diatex that are specifically designed for vacuum infusion and vacuum moulding processes, compatibles with autoclave or oven processes.


Bespoke / Kitting 


Diatex has a custom kitting workshop to provide you pre-made kits of fabrics and vacuum consumables. They also provide a wide range of reusable membranes for vacuum forming thanks to their building workshop which has machining centre and a 2m x 4m autoclave.


Certified Company, Rapidly Growing


Diatex is certified EN9100 since 2006.

Today, Diatex organises its quality procedure around three certifications: ISO 9001, EN 9100 and Oeko-Tex standard 100. The Company furthers its growth by innovating, investing in new generation weaving looms as well as very-wide capacity ones (5.40m) and building industrial infrastructures.

Diatex exports to 58 countries and major customers such as AIRBUS, BOEING and ZODIAC. All in all, Diatex is the exportable Made-In-France.




Supplying Composite Process Materials


The Composites division of Diatex offers equipment and consumables for the following 4 processing systems: Vacuum Moulding of Composites, Vacuum Infusion of Composites, RTM Injection (resin transfer moulding) and Light RTM Injection.

The Diatex Composites division was born in 1991 from a technical textile development for composite materials moulding under vacuum: the VACUOPLEX™, first technical complex of moulding under vacuum invented and patented by Diatex.

Today, the activity and specialty of the composites division are set around 4 transformation processes:


In these 4 process technologies, Diatex’s composites division brings to end-users:

  • Technical support
  • Range of technical fabrics
  • Vacuum moulding consumables
  • Vacuum Infusion consumables
  • Vacuum machines and systems
  • RTM injection machines
  • Training space – classes and demos.


The manufacturing process of the Composites division is in the “Ecodesign” mindset, in response to a strong demand of its clientele. The goal is to manufacture a range of products more anchored into the environmentally friendly / ecological space, within REACH recommendations such as for instance:

  • Water-based release agents
  • Biodegradable films
  • Multilayer / multi-product complexes to reduce waste
  • Single/double sided adhesive fabrics to avoid glue sprays
  • Fabrics manufacturing including waste water reprocessing

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