Spheretex GmbH in Neuss is a medium-sized enterprise that has been committed to develop and produce laminatable core materials for various kinds of composite applications for 30 years.

  • Well-proven core materials based on fiberglass and polyester veil that can be produced in large width up to 300 cm
  • Combinations of reinforcing layers, core material and flow medium that ensure economical production of light composite parts in closed mold processes
  • Custom pre-assembled items and ready-to-use products that combine stitched, needled and glued materials

The Spheretex Collection


Sphere.core® S

Sphere.core® S is a core material based on glass veil and characterized by fast and low resin consumption.


Sphere.core® SP

Sphere.core® SP, the volumized polyester non-woven, is stretchable and drapable, length- and crosswise, in both dry and wet condition.


Sphere.core® SBC

Sphere.core® SBC is a pre-compressed, stitch-bonded core material based on fibreglass.



Sphere.tex® is a volumized glass fabric.


Sphere.tex Tape

Sphere.tex tape is a narrow tape with volumized warp fibers.



Sphere.strand are volumized glass strands that are characterized by low resin consumption and high mechanical properties. 


Gun.core Blend

Gun.core blend consists of volumized glass strands (Sphere.strand) that were assembled with spray up roving. It can be processed with standard FRP chopper systems. 



Sphere.skin was developed to improve surfaces of FRP parts made in closed mold process.


Sphere.easy IP

This all-in-one solution consists of four plies: reinforcing layers of chopped strand mat, flow medium and core material.


Sphere.core® SBC IP

It is a pre-compressed, stitch-bonded core material based on glass veil with a center layer of polypropylene (flow medium).



This material consists of two layers of chopped strand mat with a center layer of polypropylene (flow medium).



This material is a combination of two layers of chopped strand mat with a center layer of core material.


Sphere.core® PSI

This core material with internal flow medium was developed to meet highest demands in RTM and VIP processes.

The basic idea of all Spheretex products is to combine high-modulus fibers (mainly glass fibers) with extremely light microspheres. Thus it is possible to produce composite materials of both superior mechanical properties and very low specific weight.

Spheretex products are used as core materials for sandwich laminates, which – according to classical sandwich technology- are covered with reinforcing fiber layers on top and bottom side and impregnated with resin.

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