Scott Bader


Scott Bader is a global chemical company, using their combined global resource and expertise to be a leader in the manufacturing of products for the Composites, Advanced Composites, Adhesives and Functional Polymer markets, offering a full range of technologies and manufacturing capabilities for many market sectors.

Their purpose is to enable customers to supply more effective and sustainable products using innovative polymer solutions and to empower people to live by their values.

The Scott Bader Range



Are you bonding composites, metals or plastics? We can offer primerless MMA adhesives, urethane acrylate adhesives and bonding pastes.



Scott Bader is the Composites expert. We have a range of their products that can help with all aspects of your composite part fabrication.



This diverse range of products is specifically designed to offer complete systems that meet European and Global FST standards and performance ratings.



Scott Bader provides high performance matched tooling systems for your composite needs.

Scott Bader remains committed to providing quality and innovation through an ongoing investment in R&D ensuring new and existing products meet their customers’ specific needs.

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