ArmaPET Struct


ArmaPET Struct is the versatile and durable solution for structural sandwich applications, with a more environmentally responsible approach.

It provides a unique combination of materials and processing properties, such as durability, elevated service temperature stability and excellent compatibility with most common resins and manufacturing methods.


  • Proven and reliable performance since 2010
  • Minimal fluctuation in product properties increases process stability
  • Excellent thermal and dimensional stability facilitates
  • repeatability in production
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance bolsters long-term performance and low lifetime maintenance
  • 100% recycled material supports industry environmental and sustainability directives
  • Full range availability anywhere and at any time

Patented Process Technology

Using 100% recycled PET bottles as the base raw material results in significant savings in CO2 emissions and meets the industry’s requirement for the design of sustainable composite structures that are light, durable and recyclable.

Complete Monitoring, 100% Reliability

We use state-of-the-art technology for production, control and monitoring in the ArmaPET manufacturing process.

We have implemented fully integrated ERP and Six Sigma process monitoring systems, which enable full quality control of important product properties that are relevant for the reliable performance of the sandwich structure.

Automated, 100% in-line controls measure every single board to ensure that density variation is kept at a very low level (< 5%) and that the thickness lies within the tight tolerances. Each individual board is subjected to in-line optical scanning for surface damage and impurities. And every single ArmaPET board produced is identified by a unique barcode, which ensures traceability from the final product back to the raw material used.

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