The Key Armacell distributor in Australia

By Composites Fiberglass International/ May 11, 2022

The Key Armacell Distributor in Australia

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Composites Fibreglass International are the key supplier of Armacell Cores in Australia – the worlds leading core manufacturer.

Composites Fibreglass International are an exclusive supplier of Armacell Cores in Australia – the worlds leading core manufacturer in PET structural cores.

Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for its customers.

Armacell focuses on insulation materials for technical equipment, high-performance foams for high-tech and lightweight applications and next generation aerogel blanket technology. Their vision is to be the global leader in providing innovative, technical insulation solutions and components to conserve energy and make a difference around the world. Contact Composites Fibreglass International today for Armacell solutions in Australia.

ArmaPET Struct

ArmaPET Struct is the versatile and durable solution for structural sandwich applications, with a more environmentally responsible approach. It provides a unique combination of materials and processing properties, such as durability, elevated service temperature stability and excellent compatibility with most common resins and manufacturing methods.

The Benefits of ArmaPET Struct:

  • Proven and reliable performance since 2010
  • Minimal fluctuation in product properties increases process stability
  • Excellent thermal and dimensional stability facilitates
  • repeatability in production
  • Outstanding fatigue resistance bolsters long-term performance and low lifetime maintenance
  • 100% recycled material supports industry environmental and sustainability directives
  • Full range availability anywhere and at any time

Using 100% recycled PET bottles as the base raw material results in significant savings in CO2 emissions and meets the industry’s requirement for the design of sustainable composite structures that are light, durable and recyclable.

We use state-of-the-art technology for production, control and monitoring in the ArmaPET manufacturing process.

We have implemented fully integrated ERP and Six Sigma process monitoring systems, which enable full quality control of important product properties that are relevant for the reliable performance of the sandwich structure.

Automated, 100% in-line controls measure every single board to ensure that density variation is kept at a very low level (< 5%) and that the thickness lies within the tight tolerances. Each individual board is subjected to in-line optical scanning for surface damage and impurities. And every single ArmaPET board produced is identified by a unique barcode, which ensures traceability from the final product back to the raw material used. Contact Composites Fibreglass International to find out more about ArmaPET Struct today.

ArmaPET Eco

ArmaPET Eco combines insulation and structural integrity, ensuring energy and emission efficiency for decades of use.

Energy-efficient composite sandwich structures are a powerful way of saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Armacell is following the growing demand for high-performance insulating materials and with ArmaPET Eco it offers a foam core that optimally combines structural performance, versatility, sustainability, and long-term insulating properties.

The Benefits of ArmaPET Eco:

  • Secured lifetime insulation performance
  • Prevents degradation by moisture, rodents and insects
  • Robust material allows fast and easy handling
  • 100% recycled material supports industry environmental and sustainability directives
  • Full range availability anywhere and at any time
  • The potential list of applications using ArmaPET Eco is practically endless, from super-structures of refrigerated and recreational vehicles, to industrial halls, radomes, bath pods, food trolleys and many more.

ArmaPET Eco cored sandwich panels improve the performance, functionality and sustainability of the final application in many ways:

  • Long-term stability of insulation properties and low thermal conductivity secure lifetime insulation performance
  • Closed cell structure minimises moisture penetration and degradation by rodents and insects
  • Compatibility with most production methods and resin systems allows for individual manufacturing processes and material combinations
  • Solvent stability provides resistance to most acids, salts and fuels
  • The homogenous surface solves the print-through challenges of welding lines when using thin and glossy outer skins
  • Low weight makes it possible to build lighter vehicles and maximise the payload
  • Excellent screw retention allows for conventional fixing methods

Wherever efficiency and safety in the refrigeration supply chain are required, or resource-saving construction is called for, Armacell offers a full range of eco-efficient product solutions, providing benefits in energy consumption and emissions during temperature-controlled operation.

ArmaPET Eco in the superstructure of caravans and mobile homes keeps the loss of heat and cold to a minimum, ensuring a comfortable stay. Additionally, ArmaPET lowers the structural weight, thus enhancing fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions or increasing payloads, all key drivers for reduced overall life-cycle costs.

ArmaPET Eco is the suitable core material for all kinds of prefabricated structural insulated panels in the building envelope, floors and internal partitions.

In addition to its long-term insulation and structural integrity, additional key benefits are its thermoformability into curved shape and its versatility with almost any type of finishing options. ArmaPET Eco helps create buildings that are more energy efficient, durable, faster to build, and have a lower lifecycle cost and reduced environmental impact.

ArmaPET Curve

ArmaPET Curve is designed for recyclable thermoformable micro sandwich solutions produced in continuous manufacturing processes.
It is the first 100% recyclable and thermoplastic foil product based on 100% recycled plastics. Superior stiffness and compression combined with chemical and temperature stability characterise our innovative technical solution for thermoforming applications.

Applications of ArmaPET Curve: The process versatility of ArmaPET Curve allows it to be used in a wide range of applications:

Micro Sandwich

ArmaPET Curve is used as a lightweight thin core in a micro sandwich set-up with fibre-reinforced laminates for applications in building and construction (e.g. cladding panels and shelters) and in the transport market (e.g. HVAC ducts and interiors).

Key benefits: system cost performance / freedom of design / sustainability / reduced CO2 emissions / improved fuel consumption.

Thermoformed Parts

Its thermoformability allows the creation of various shapes, whether as a part of a micro sandwich or on its own, and ArmaPET Curve is used as a lightweight solution in various markets, such as the automotive sector (e.g. for door water shields and roof liners) and the packaging industry (for packaging protection).

Key benefits: elevated thermoforming operating temperature/process versatility/supply in rolls for the continuous production process.

Process Versatility


Shaping without cutting the foam, thus eliminating core stress concentration and increased resin consumption.

Surface Sanding

Increasing the surface roughness to improve adhesion.


Punching of holes to improve adhesion. Perforation can also allow fibrous felts to stick without applying adhesives.

Hexagonal Pattern

Helps the resin to flow smoothly and increases peel strength.

Positive Eco Balance: As the first 100% recyclable thermoplastic foil product entirely based on recycled plastics, ArmaPET Curve supports the market’s drive to provide more sustainable product solutions.

  • Based on 100% recycled post-consumer PET
  • 100% recyclable after use
  • Manufactured in an energy- and resource-efficient production process
  • Production scrap is returned to process and re-used for foam manufacturing to reduce waste
  • Significant CO2 emission savings

ArmaPET Shape

ArmaPET Shape particle foam offers maximum design flexibility to produce lightweight rigid 3D foam parts using innovative fusion technology. It combines the high mechanical properties of structural foam core with the advantages of particle foams to offer lightweight and strong three-dimensional foam parts which are producible in nearly any shape.


ArmaPET Shape is the first fully recyclable mouldable particle foam entirely made of recycled plastics. This is our solution for a cost-effective production of ready-to- use 3D shaped structural foam parts.

ArmaPET Shape targets large volume applications in many industries, where lightweight yet strong 3D plastic parts are prerequisites for a successful product design. One example is the automotive industry, where ArmaPET Shape can be used to replace aluminium sheets for bodies, chassis or engine hoods, as well as structural add-on parts such as spoilers.

Temperature stability: ArmaPET Shape allows for a wide range of processing temperatures up +180°C / +356°F and is ideally suited for fast curing processes at elevated temperatures. It is extremely tolerant to high-peak exothermic reactions and shows no degradation of material properties even in the case of hot spots.

Sustainable Building: ArmaPET Shape is made by Armacell’s unique and patented process technology, enabling the production of PET foam materials based on 100% recycled PET. Its positive eco-balance supports the industry’s requirement for the design of more sustainable product solutions.

  • Based on 100% recycled plastics
  • No use of ozone-depleting CFCs or HCFCs
  • Fully recyclable after use
  • We convert post-consumer PET bottles into long
  • lifetime, high-value particle foams with lowest C02 emissions.

Water or liquid ingress is prevented by the closed cell structure, which ensures that the excellent mechanical properties remain unchanged over time. In addition, ArmaPET Shape moulded foam parts exhibit excellent insulation properties.

Microcellular Closed Cell Structure: The fine, smooth surface structure of ArmaPET Shape moulded foam parts provides an excellent bond to facing layers and limits resin uptake without additional treatment or the need for extra layers. It is compatible with any commercial resin system and thermoset material.

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